The BIG Man- A Post-Anniversary Reflection.

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It's been nearly a month since we joyfully celebrated the 30th Church Anniversary of the Greater Seattle Fil-Am Adventist Church. Our gathering was more than just a commemoration; it was a deep reflection on God's faithfulness throughout our journey. When we came together, our goals were clear: to acknowledge God's call upon our congregation, to look back on His mighty deeds in our past, to rejoice in His goodness in the present, and to hold tightly to the hope we have in Jesus.


During this joyous gathering, we were reminded of the resilience and togetherness of our community, united by our shared faith and devotion to God. Though many may not have seen it, the dedicated members of the anniversary committee worked tirelessly behind the scenes. We faced various challenges, especially securing sponsorships to cover the costs for our guests, printed materials, decorations, and food. By holding strong faith and offering heartfelt prayers, God generously provided for us. He arranged meaningful encounters and brought blessings into our lives through the people He introduced to us.


 This event was a testament to the power of prayer and the strength of our faith, inspiring us to trust in God's intervention in all our challenges.

I recall nights of earnest supplication, like when Ate Laarni would reach out with concerns and petitions. Financial strains, relational hurdles, and logistical obstacles were among our trials. But as our celebration unfolded, we witnessed God's handiwork amidst the chaos. 


The committee poured their hearts into ensuring a meaningful event, making last-minute adjustments to our programs and preparations.

One particular concern weighed heavily on my heart—the baptism scheduled alongside our festivities. How would I, with my stature and limitations, baptize an 84-year-old man? Yet, as the Sabbath dawned, I became filled with a quiet resolve, trusting in God's guidance. And true to His promise, He provided assistance when needed most.


As I struggled to immerse Uncle Earl during the baptism, a reassuring presence intervened. Elder Doug Bing stepped forward, offering his strength and support. At that moment, I was reminded of my prayers the night before—that we are never alone in life's challenges. Like Pastor Doug Bing, we have a faithful Savior who stands ready to aid us, a Friend and Brother who is both mighty and compassionate.


So, my friends, when trials come your way, remember this: we serve a God who hears our prayers and actively intervenes on our behalf. In Him, we find strength, comfort, and unwavering support. Let us confidently face each challenge, knowing that our Savior walks beside us, leading us triumphantly through every storm.  Matthew 11:28-30

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