United Prayer Ministry 

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Join us every night at 8:00pm (PST)

Please call the church phone (206) 923-0887 or email us at seattlefilamchurch@gmail.com if you need the zoom link info.









Testimonies from the Prayer Warriors

Since United Prayer started, I have been very blessed by God. I have grown a deeper relationship with Him and will always love Him. I love being a part of the United Prayer when we are praying together as a church family. God has shown me His great love for all of us."               

- Samuel G.


"The United Prayer encouraged our family to gather together everyday, to take a pause despite the heavy schedule, and submit ourselves to God. It serves as a breather space- a time to reflect that we are human,  and we have a Father whom we can come home to, and cry on at the end of the day. "                                                                                                     

- Farrah M.


"Since praying and asking for Holy Spirit everyday, God has made me aware of my character specially how I deal with my coworkers. God has reminded me when I did something wrong. It’s very important to ask everyday for the Holy Spirit. If we don’t it’s chaos and you forget the purpose of His wills for you on that day."                                                                    

- Christine D.


"Who wouldn’t want to commune with the King of this universe? Oh what a blessing and joy that we can commune as church family thru United prayer . The United prayer has deepen my relationship with God. It has brought me peace and calms my anxious mind . And as we pray and reach to God, He is also reaching into our hearts filling us with His love , peace and joy . I have also felt that since we’ve been praying for the Holy Spirit, God has given me more courage to speak about His love to the people I meet daily."                                                                                                                                                               - Grace G.


"United prayer helped us to get closer to God. We have more time communicating with our Creator. I get to involve my kids to say their prayer. A few moments of complete silence thru praying, acknowledging the presence of God surrounding us, within us , brings forth new strength and assurance and fills our body with fresh vigor and vitality."                                                                     

- Aileen T.


"I praise God for the 24/7 United prayer, it has greatly helped me in dealing with the fear of the ongoing pandemic; hearing everyone’s prayer and lifting up each other gave me the assurance of God’s love every night. It also improved my morning prayer habits & how I pray throughout the day."                                                                                                                                                               

- Lilian T. 


"The previous months have been emotionally and mentally traumatic, from Covid 19, death of some friends and some families, dealing with co-workers, family issues, etc. United prayer has been helpful to me since my anxious thoughts began to diminish.  I have developed a closer relationship with Jesus through our United Prayer ministry, by praying more and relying more on His promises. I have experienced God's joy which  will only come through personal relationship with Jesus as we point others to HIM."                                                                                                                                         

- Laarni G.


"It’s a huge blanket of peace and blessings for me when church family is offering a sincere prayers for me and my family. It’s gives me hope specially when I’m going through tough times. I know that there is a powerful God that I can trust and rely on my burdens.  It helps me to have a positive outlook in life because I’m more grateful with everything I have in life. It’s also a  stress reliever for me and makes me closer to God. It also reminds me of my sins that I’m a human being and I commit mistakes and I need to ask forgiveness everyday."                                                                                                                       - Liza G.


"I am homeschooling my first grader. Before I joined the United Prayer I was always impatient with him whenever he couldn't understand what I'm teaching him. After joining the United Prayer, I noticed that my patience stretched. Whenever he couldn't understand his lessons I don't get impatient rather an idea will just come up and I will use it and he'll be able to understand his lessons right away. I know it is God who's helping us through. Now, he is doing great in his studies. I thank God for our Church's United Prayer."

- LenGlen S.


"God has been merciful and kind to our family. We may not have recognized what He was doing right away but He has always been blessing us. Our United Prayers have been bringing us closer to God more than ever. The Lord has been teaching us and our children to be closer to Him through prayer. He has been teaching us to be faithful and to be humble and seek him through his words."

- Zenaida G.