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A simple reflection of the recently concluded Washington Conference Pathfinder Fair.

The Washington Conference's Youth Ministries department recently held the Annual Pathfinder Fair at Auburn Adventist Academy. This annual event showcases all the accomplishments gained, skills learned, and relationships built. Since this is our family's first-ever Pathfinder fair participation in the United States, we feel mixed excitement and pressure since we do not have first-hand exposure. We do not know the dynamics of the different sets of activities, such as Booth, parade, marching, fancy drill, push cart, etc. We admit we have many things to improve, lessons to learn, and the realization that we should amend to improve our Pathfinder ministry journey. Last Friday, April 26, 2024, the spirit of voluntarism of Emelio and Mico Gato, James, JJ, Faith Miran, Jabin, Ailene, Miggy, Kailie, Alaina Tandoc, together with Matthew Eusoya and Emily Ngonevolalath, they prepared and hauled all the necessary equipment for the Pathfinder fair from the church to the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy with the guidance from Master Guide Art Clemencia the area coordinator for Greater Seattle Area . On Saturday evening, despite facing a shortage of materials, Farrah Miran and Emily rose to the occasion and helped decorate the Booth. James, Jan, Nere Jhun, Jabin, and Ailene worked together to design a beautiful and captivating booth while the Pathfinders and Matthew practiced diligently for their fancy drill.

Early on a cold and gloomy Sunday morning, we gathered at the Auburn Adventist Academy Gym to prepare for the inspection and parade. We would also showcase our Pathfinder skills, exhibit the Pathfinder Booth, and set up the fundraising food booth where we sold eggrolls, Pancit, and Fried rice. I felt inspired to see parents, family members, and church members from different clubs unite. In particular, many members from Greater Seattle Fil-Am SDA Church, the home church of the Mabuhay Warriors, were eager to participate - from setting up the cooking area and fixing the water source to preparing the ingredients for the eggrolls and fried rice. I was particularly inspired by the efforts of Jabin and Ailene Tandoc, Jun & Naly Gato, Nilo & Sheilah Eusoya, James & Farrah Miran, James & Jan Mwangi, Zharich & Nemia Uban, Rene Capiendo, Kira Lancian, Bernadette Polinar, Mark Mendoza, Ian & Charm Barlis, Eva Meneses, Mario & Nova Betita, Bremen Derro, Linda Derro, Glenn & Addie, Jonel & May, Mader Tarperde, Zan Tayag, Ed & Beth Ramos, Julie & Boyet Espinosa, Ramon & Lenglen Simbre, Jean Watkins with Wesley, Nere Jhun & Sheryl, Brani, Deborah & Akin and Isang. Later that day, Christine Del Rosario, Mat & Zenaida Garcia were there to show their love and support for our Pathfinders.

This scenario reminded me of Psalm 133:1, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" David testified to the incredible beauty of being united. This scenario answers Jesus's prayer that His disciples may be one. Let us join together in doing worthy causes for the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

At the end of the Pathfinder Fair 2024, there was great excitement as the Mabuhay Warriors emerged again, claiming the  People's Choice award for fancy drill. This was an achievement they had maintained for almost a decade, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Pathfinders, with Matthew Eusoya serving as the drill instructor and Marja Gonzales as the club director. It was a remarkable experience to be recognized by the people, but even more so to be chosen by God, who showed His love and grace even when we were still sinners. The Mabuhay Warriors were grateful to everyone who supported them, and they gave a heartfelt salute to their loving and caring Master Guide, who had been with them every step of the way!



Credit: Bernadette Polinar


Credit: Kira Lancian

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