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What to Expect When You Visit Our Church

We would be thrilled to have you come and be our guest at our Bible study (Sabbath School Class) and worship service this Saturday (Sabbath). We have friendly greeters who will welcome you and help you find your way to a Bible study class or the worship service. We hope that you will have a wonderful time with us during your visit. 

Church Worship Day
Our church family gathers for worship every Saturday. Bible study or Sabbath School time starts at 9:30 am. Church worship time starts at 10:50am. We've discovered from the Bible that Jesus went to church and worshipped on Sabbath or the Seventh-day of the week (Saturday). Since Jesus is our perfect Example we are committed to learning to follow Him and share His love and teachings with others. If you are interested in further study of the Sabbath please click this link and click the + sign right next to the word Sabbath.

What Should I Wear?
When you come and visit our church, you will discover that our dress includes suits, dresses, business casual and jeans. We don't want you to worry about what you are wearing because it will not matter to us. 

Plan your visit
After entering through the gate please proceed to the parking lot on the left-hand side of the church building. This pave parking lot is the closest to the main door of the building. Once you are in the building, you will be welcomed by the greeters who will give you the bulletin. 

What Services Do You Have For children?
During our Study or Sabbath School Time, the greeters will guide you to the appropriate classroom based on the age or year in school of your children.  

What Happens After the Worship Service?
Our church would like to invite you to our lunch fellowship right after the service. This time of fellowship and enjoying some sumptuous meal together give us more time to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. 

We look forward to meeting you!